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About IIIZ Inc.

IIIZ Inc., is a 501c3 organization founded by Jermaine “Zeus” Garrett. Mr. Garrett started IIIZ Inc., as a way to provide youth and young adults with an opportunity to learn about the entertainment industry. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Jermaine wanted to share all that he has learned throughout the years. IIIZ Inc., will provide youth with group sections on sound engineering, photography, audio and video editing, song writing, event staging, lighting, marketing, production, and so much more. Jermaine has enlisted the help of other industry professionals and together they have vowed to do their part in helping these young people reach their full potential. IIIZ Inc., is growing and it’s through Mr. Garrett’s tireless commitment has the organization seen its’ success.

Our Directors.

Christi M.Farris, Dr. LaShaundra Thedford, Rev. Dr. David A. Spencer, Jr.;  Jermaine Garrett

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IIIZ Inc., is heavily involved with the management and development of the Alabama Music Awards.

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